Devicelab Celebrates 20 Years In Medical Device Design And Development

DeviceLab Celebrates 20 Years in Medical Device Design and Development

Medical Device Design For 20 Years

A Fixture of Orange County Medtech, DeviceLab Has Developed 100+ Medical Products and Continues to Innovate the Newest Breed of Wearable, mHealth and IoT Device

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.—DeviceLab Inc., an Orange County medical device design and manufacturing company, today announced its 20th year in business.

Founded in February 1998 by Doc Vu—who remains the company’s leader—the company’s first location was in a small office in Santa Ana, CA.

Today, DeviceLab is based in a state-of-the-art facility in a 7000 square-foot facility in Tustin.

For two decades, the company has been involved in the design, development and manufacturing of more than 100 medical device design projects. Some of its latest and most cutting-edge projects include:

• Immunoassay Diagnostic Bench Top System

• Ophthalmic Laser Cart for a Fortune 500 Company

• Breast Biopsy Magnetic Sample Separation System

‘Exciting Times’ in the New Age of Wearable, mHealth and Medical IoT

Although DeviceLab continues to focus on its core competencies in electronics and systems engineering, industrial design and prototype development for medical products, it more recently added wearable, mHealth and IoT (Internet of Things) medical products to that list.

In 2014, it announced the launch of its Wireless Medical Device Design Center. The following year, it launched its Apollo™ Wireless Medical Device Platform, which has since driven more than a dozen new products from concept to commercialization.

Medical device market analysts are predicting the global IoT in healthcare market will grow from $32 billion in 2015 to $163 billion by 2020. Bryson said in the past few years he has witnessed a significant uptick in new business from customers that want to develop wireless medical devices and healthcare IoT devices.

“These are exciting times for medical device designers and developers, especially those that are embracing the amazing potential for wearable medical devices, healthcare IoT devices and mHealth devices to radically improve patient care,” said Vu.

Times have also become exciting for a handful of college students, too. In order to share its success and to encourage the next generation of medical device developers, DeviceLab has been sponsoring its medical device engineering scholarship program.

“I’m very grateful for the success I’ve been able to enjoy at DeviceLab, which is entirely due to the tremendous support of the Orange County medical device technology community, as well as the outstanding team members we’ve had over the years. I’m looking forward to many more years of this!”

About DeviceLab

DeviceLab is an ISO-13485 certified medical device development company that has completed more than 100 medical device design projects of varying complexity—including medical device software development and wireless medical device design services for the newest breeds of medical IoT, mHealth and medical wearables.

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