Devicelab Completes Design Work On The Loewe On Wheel Pump


Preparing for Medical Device Product Launch While Awaiting a Patent

What do you think takes more time: product development cycle for a medical device; or, obtaining a patent for that same device? The answer used to be that the product development took far more time and money than acquiring a patent. But today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office have a huge backlog, making the […]

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DeviceLab Completes Design Work on the Loewe™ On-Wheel Pump

DeviceLab, a full-service medical device design and development company based in Orange County, California has recently completed design and development work on the Loewe™ on-wheel pump for Wheelpump Corporation. The patented device, integrated into typical passenger car wheels, is designed to offer improved safety, increased mileage and optimized tire performance. Unlike the tire pressure monitoring […]

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