Devicelab Completes Design Work On The Loewe On Wheel Pump

DeviceLab Completes Design Work on the Loewe™ On-Wheel Pump

DeviceLab, a full-service medical device design and development company based in Orange County, California has recently completed design and development work on the Loewe™ on-wheel pump for Wheelpump Corporation. The patented device, integrated into typical passenger car wheels, is designed to offer improved safety, increased mileage and optimized tire performance.

Unlike the tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that are federally mandated on all new light passenger vehicles in the United States, the Loewe on-wheel pump actually compensates for the under-inflation, maintaining proper tire pressure as the vehicle is driven under normal usage. This on-wheel pump weighs less than one ounce and takes up less than two thirds of a cubic inch of space. It is expected that automobile manufacturers and their suppliers will adapt the on-wheel pump designs to fit specific vehicles.

Dac Vu, President of DeviceLab, stated, “This was an exciting project for our team as we were actively involved in all steps of the process from proof of concept to the final build. We look forward to working with WheelPump on future projects.”

In working with WheelPump, DeviceLab used their LabVIEW expertise to be actively involved in many aspects of the project including, prototype build, testing, proof of concept and mechanical engineering.

Tim Lee-Thorp, vice president of marketing at Wheelpump stated, “DeviceLab was a great partner in getting the on-wheel pump designed and engineered. Their expertise in taking ideas and making them tangible was outstanding.”

DeviceLab is a full-service design and product development firm, offering mechanical engineering,, software, industrial design, prototyping, manufacturing, FDA regulatory consulting and product testing services. DeviceLab’s expertise involves taking a product from concept to market quickly and cost-effectively. Based in Orange County, CA, they serve Southern California (San Diego through Los Angeles) and medical device firms nationwide. More information regarding DeviceLab can be found at

Wheelpump Corporation is a specialty engineering and manufacturing company based in Tustin, California. It provides design services, prototype fabrication and production component manufacturing of the Loewe™ on-wheel pump, which eliminates typical tire under-inflation. More information regarding Wheelpump Corporation can be found at