Devicelab To Exhibit Futuristic Iot Hospital Bed And Lecture At Devcon 2015

DeviceLab to Exhibit ‘Futuristic IoT Hospital Bed’ and Lecture at DevCon 2015

DeviceLab's “futuristic patient care environment with all the bells and whistles.”

DeviceLab’s “futuristic patient care environment with all the bells and whistles.”

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Oct. 12—DeviceLab Inc., an Orange County medical device design and manufacturing company, today announced its participation at the DevCon 2015 Renesas Developers Conference, October 12–15 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Garden Grove, California.

DeviceLab’s participation will consist of two key functions—as an exhibitor and as a lecturer—that have been carefully designed to spotlight Apollo™ wireless medical device electronic systems platform that was introduced last year.

Named after the mythological Greek god of healing and medicine, the Apollo platform is DeviceLab’s solution to address numerous, medical industry needs, including rapid development time, longevity in product lifecycle, RTOS certified for safety critical applications and robust processing capability.

DevCon 2015 Exhibitor: Demonstrating the Flagship Apollo™ Wireless Medical Device Platform

DeviceLab will be exhibiting a unique display on the main floor that was developed with the Apollo platform—described by DeviceLab CEO and founder Dac Vu as a “futuristic patient care environment with all the bells and whistles.”

Featuring a full-size translucent mannequin on a custom-designed examination table, the display will demonstrate DeviceLab’s state-of-the-art capabilities for developing cutting-edge electronic systems. The platform is integrated in the internal structure of the patient bed, simulating various medical applications such as monitors, device controls and touchscreen color displays.

Apollo seamlessly and rapidly integrates multiple complementary technologies such as touchscreens, sensors, RFID, wireless charging, digital signal processing and IO devices (e.g., USB). The system is designed to facilitate smooth transition between sensors, algorithms, signal processing, systems control and color graphic displays.

DeviceLab is using several Renesas product lines to accomplish the Apollo platform objectives, including RZ, Renesas Synergy™ S7 and Renesas Synergy™ S3 processors. Renesas technologies are integrated in the Apollo designs with various wireless interfaces for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular.

Active projects at DeviceLab using the Apollo platform include patient monitors, medical imaging systems, clinical diagnostic systems and patient fluid emission control systems.

DevCon 2015 Lecturer: Reducing Cost and Development Time for Innovative Medical Products

DeviceLab’s Director of Electronics and Software Khoi Turner will present a one-hour lecture, “Medical Designs Based on the Renesas Synergy™ Platform are Innovative, Secure and More Affordable Than Ever Before.”

Turner’s lecture will explain how medical devices designed by DeviceLab’s new Apollo platform—and the Renesas Synergy Platform—can bring innovative and complex medical products to market quickly and affordably per FDA/CE regulatory requirements.

Additionally, Turner will describe Renesas Synergy’s ability to combine the MCU+RTOS+SW support in a common platform that allows medical products to effectively and securely communicate with each other, provide quick access to vital patient information, and be updated in real-time.

About Renesas and DevCon

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), the world’s number one supplier of microcontrollers, is a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers, SoC solutions and a broad range of analog and power devices. Business operations began as Renesas Electronics in April 2010 through the integration of NEC Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723) and Renesas Technology Corp., with operations spanning research, development, design and manufacturing for a wide range of applications. Headquartered in Japan, Renesas Electronics has subsidiaries in approximately 20 countries worldwide.

The DevCon Extension tour builds on Renesas’ industry-leading Developers’ Conferences – giving participants convenient access to powerful short courses and hands-on lab sessions that provide the updated solutions to develop enhanced products in less time. Multiple curriculum tracks are available, each of which focuses on specific, highly effective hardware/software approaches that give new products important market advantages.

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About DeviceLab

Established in 1998, the Orange County-based DeviceLab is a contract medical device development and product design firm. A full-service company for mechanical engineering, electronics, software, industrial design, prototyping, manufacturing, FDA regulatory consulting and product testing services, DeviceLab has completed more than 100 projects of varying complexities.

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