Did You Get To See Our Futuristic Iot Hospital Bed At Devcon 2015

Did You Get to See Our ‘Futuristic IoT Hospital Bed’ at DevCon 2015?

DeviceLab's “futuristic patient care environment with all the bells and whistles.”

DeviceLab’s “futuristic patient care environment with all the bells and whistles.”

If you didn’t, here’s a photo…spectacular, huh?

If you missed it—or the event itself—we unveiled for the first time ever earlier this month at the DevCon 2015 Renesas Developers Conference here in Orange County, California. We will be packing it up and showing it again this week in Irvine (also in Orange County, or “OC” as it is also known) at OCTANe’s Medical Device & Investor Forum 2015.

So, what exactly is this thing, and why did we build it? I’ve been describing it as a “futuristic patient care environment with all the bells and whistles.” However, it can also be described as a symbol of what DeviceLab does and can do—particularly with our new Apollo™ wireless medical device electronic systems platform.

As you can see in the photo, it features a full-size translucent mannequin on a custom-designed examination table that demonstrates our state-of-the-art capabilities for developing cutting-edge electronic systems. The platform is integrated in the internal structure of the patient bed, simulating various medical applications such as monitors, device controls and touchscreen color displays.

In my last blog, Introducing Wireless Medical Devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), I mentioned how we have been moving into a new era that adopts the Internet of Things, also known more simply as IoT. Our futuristic IoT hospital bed moves many of the exciting ideas and concepts into a physical, interactive display that will hopefully inspire others—be it innovators or customers—to share our enthusiasm for this technology and its virtually unlimited potential.

If you did make it to DevCon 2015, did you see the bed? What did you think? And if you are planning on going to MIDF 2015, drop by; I’d like to hear your thoughts about it!