Top 5 Medical Device Design And Development News And Blogs Of The Week 1 29 2017

Top 5 Medical Device Design and Development News and Blogs of the Week: 1/29/2017

Orange County medical device design & development company DeviceLab shares top news and blogs the week ending 1/29/2017.

If you follow this blog, you already know that we are keenly interested in diverse aspects that relate to medical device design and development—in particular, mHealth and healthcare IoT.


A key for us—or anybody for that matter—to be considered a “thought leader” in their industry is to stay abreast of current events, innovations and discussions. One way we do is to follow countless Websites that publish news, blogs, white papers, case studies and other relevant information.


When we find information particularly exceptional or interesting, we often share it on our @devicelab Twitter feed (which we encourage you to follow). This is the first installment of a weekly post that will share the best medical device design and development information that we found from the previous week.


1. How IoT Can Transform the Business of Healthcare

A compelling “look at how sensors, devices and analytics are reshaping enterprise at the operational level.”


2. The Rise of the Mobile Health Industry

A quick but well-thought out read that attributes “cell phones [that] help patients connect with their doctors Smartphones, “wearables [that] can track a patient’s physical condition and “the benefits of telemetry.”


3. ONC Challenge Aims to Put mHealth App Security in the Patient’s Hands

An open call for “mHealth innovators to use the Model Privacy Notice (MPN) template to lay out an mHealth product’s privacy and security policy, then create a tool that generates a use-friendly snapshot of that document.


4. Top Ten Medical Device Trends of 2017

We were not surprised to see “Cybersecurity” (due to “medical devices becoming more complicated and featuring components that use the cloud or online reporting”) and “Wearables” (which are “expected to record an average revenue growth double the overall device market, which was worth just over USD 13.2 billion for 2016”) make the list.


5. FBI issues IoT Security Warning for Medical Devices, Wearables

A swift explanation of “FBI recommendations” for “healthcare IoT security risks.”