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Wearable Medical Devices vs. mHealth vs. Healthcare IoT: Sorting Out What to Call These Technologies

Using SEO Keyword Analysis to Find the “Best” Description of These Emerging Medical Device Design & Development Segments For the past few years, we’ve been writing about medical devices as they relate to the Internet of Things, which, of course, is also known as an acronym: IoT. Likewise, during that time, we also written about […]

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Immunoassay Diagnostic Bench Top System

DeviceLab integrated three technologies (optics, system control and software) into one platform to create this complex immunoassay instrument. The client needed this product developed rapidly and was happy to see it completed ahead of schedule in 5 months.

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Prostate Imaging System

DeviceLab designed and integrated this innovative ultra-sonic prostate imaging cart within schedule in just 4 months. This required special expertise in robotics, mechanical mechanisms and control. The client was especially pleased with the timely completion of the project.

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