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Reinventing a Better BabyLance Infant Heel Incision Device

This white paper describes how MediPurposeTM successfully:

  • Gathered end-users’ expectations for an ergonomic neonatal heel incision device.
  • Translated those expectations into design specifications.
  • Validated the design ergonomics before launching its all-new BabyLanceTM Infant Heelstick in August 2012.

Six Life Saving Things you Need to Know About Casters

This white paper describes why choosing the right medical cart caster is important:

  • What will the cart be used for?
  • How much weight will it be required to carry?
  • Over what types of surface will it travel?
  • Will the environment be caustic and wet or dry?

The Complexity of Design Controls under FDA Regulations

This white paper overviews the documentation requirements for Current Good Manufacturing Practices:

  • The FDA defines devices by Class.
  • Under FDA regulations, appropriate documentation is a fundamental requirement.
  • The DHR is a compilation of records containing the production history of a finished device
  • The FDA qualification process for medical devices is a labyrinth of regulations.

1 Billion Reasons Why DeviceLab should be your BLE Partner

This white paper describes the medical diagnostic device industries current paradigm shift:

  • Today, diagnostic equipment is largely not portable and the patient must come to the equipment.
  • According to IMS Research, by the end 2013, one billion Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) enabled devices will have shipped, making BLE the fastest growing wireless technology ever.
  • Whether you are looking to develop Bluetooth Low Power hardware, mobile BLE applications or a BLE network of devices, DeviceLab can help.

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