LenSx Laser Eye Surgery System Case Study

This was LenSx’s first product in the marketplace. The goal was to establish top tier product identity in the Ophthalmic industry.

The designs must meet tight cost and ease of manufacturing constraints.


Challenge and Solution

  • Innovation – Unique design optimized product performance
  • Cost – Meet company cost goal target
  • Schedule -Meet tight product launch deadline
  • Manufacturing – Ease of installations and maintenance
  • Human factors – Meet stringent usability and human factors requirements


How the client benefitted

  • The product launch impressed leading Ophthalmic leading manufacturers Alcon.
  • LenSx was sold to Alcon for $744 M in 2010.

Advantages of DeviceLab

  • Innovative team
  • Industry experience
  • Proven design process
  • Rapid development services
  • Full service provider – One stop shop
  • Cost conscious
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • ISO 13485 certified for design and manufacturing

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