Medical Device Design and Development

Southern California’s Proven Leader in Bringing New Medical Device Innovations from Concept to Commercialization

For nearly two decades, U.S. and internationally-based medical device companies have relied upon Southern California’s DeviceLab’s guidance to swiftly and effectively move their clinical innovations through the medical design and development process.

Anybody that’s been through the process knows that new medical device design and development outcomes can be expensive and time-consuming. However, because DeviceLab continues to refine—and many cases, redefine—best practices for steering Class 1, 2 and 3 medical devices “from concept to commercialization,” your new medical device can get to market with efficiency and economy. This is particularly crucial when needing to get approval from regulatory organizations such as the U.S. FDA.


DeviceLab’s Medical Device Design and Development Capabilities
Medical Device EngineeringDevelopment and engineering of Class 1 and Class 2 medical devices, biomedical devices and some Class 3 implantable devices.
Medical Device Industrial DesignDesign of medical device housings and stylistic industrial designing via 3D computer modeling.
Plastic Device DevelopmentInjection-molded-plastic disposable device design, packaging, prototyping and manufacturing.
PrototypingMedical device prototype manufacturing services, rapid prototyping, prototype development, computer simulation videos, 3D animation, modeling, rendering, demonstration model fabrication and design for manufacturing services.
Surgical DeviceDevelopment Surgery device and electro-mechanical instrument design.


How do we do it? First, we have ISO certification for medical device development, which validates that we adhere to the highest standards for quality management systems (QMS). This certification is regularly audited to ensure that we continue to maintain our medical device design and development QMS.

Second, we have the best and brightest medical device designers and developers at our disposal. From our highly-skilled employees to our extensive network of consultants, contractors and partners, our qualifications and capabilities enable us to expertly address all aspects of your new medical device’s design and development.


DeviceLab’s Medical Device Design and Development Specialties
Cardiopulmonary DevicesBlood Filtration Devices
Circulatory and Neurological Medical Device DevelopmentCardiovascular Devices
Disposable Surgical DevicesDiagnostic Equipment Design
Intravascular DevicesHandheld (Hand Held) Device Design and Industrial Engineering
Ophthalmic DevicesMedical Cart Design
Plastic Disposable Device EngineeringOrthopedic Devices
ProcessingPoint of Care (POC) Device Development
Therapeutic DevicesSeparation Filtering and Diagnostic Devices


We invite you to learn more about many successful medical device design and development projects, or if your company is ready to start taking its innovations from concept to commercialization, contact us today!