Medical Device UI/UX Development

DeviceLab has a 10-year track record in UI/UX development for medical products. Our team has expertise in advanced medical equipment UI/UX development, small-screen medical device UI design and UI/UX development for diagnostic instruments. No matter how efficient your equipment is, if the user interface is not easy to use, the end-user may never derive the benefits of the device. Recognizing this, DeviceLab uses its experience in creating intuitive user interfaces for medical devices to deliver the finest user experience.


Through a series UI/UX tests, our user interface designers have created a design process that accounts for a wide range of human factors such as operator skill level, height and viewing distance from the UI/UX. DeviceLab applies both art and science to create interfaces that are appealing, intuitive, easy to use and flexible.


Benefits of the DeviceLab process

  • Intuitive User Interfaces
  • Seamless Operator Experience
  • Contextual UI/UX Design Process
  • Feature-rich UI/UX Controls
  • Ergonomic Design

UI/UX Design Proficiencies

  • Medical equipment UI/UX development
  • Diagnostic equipment UI/UX design
  • Consumer product UI/UX development
  • Handheld Medical Device UIs/UXs


“Guardion Health Sciences was extremely fortunate to have discovered DeviceLab. We were challenged in finding a team that could correctly interpret the Hetrochromatic Flicker Photometery technology utilized by Professor Richard Bone in his invention of the MapcatSF. The entire team at DeviceLab quickly understood our objective, and were proactive in making suggestions to Professor Bone on how to make the MapcatSF the best in show.
Mission accomplished, the MapcatSF is now acclaimed the best device available for measuring the Macular Pigment Optical Density. Thank you to Dac Vu, Le Bui and the entire DeviceLab team.”

DeviceLab is an industry leader in the design of innovative and complex projects. We’ve worked together often and I could not find a more exceptional company to work with.

– Richard W. Henson

DeviceLab is a industry leading company who not only knows management and techniques, but also applies them to create extra value in every project they undertake.

– Thomas Witty

I have worked with DeviceLab on several development projects, alternatively as a client and a technical consultant. As a service provider, DeviceLab was exceptionally resourceful, always ready to have creative solutions for any problem that we encountered

– Brigitte Phan