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Apollo Wireless Medical Device Platform

Named after the mythological Greek god of health healing, Apollo™ is DeviceLab’s state-of-the-art mobile medical device platform for healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) product development.

Apollo™ seamlessly and rapidly integrates multiple complementary technologies—which reduces costs and development time while swiftly getting your medical IoT device to market.

Through Apollo™, electronic medical devices such as patient monitors, medical imaging systems, POC diagnostic and therapeutic systems can take advantage of wireless medical design technologies such as:

  • iOS and Android smart phones, tablets and PCs
  • Ultra low-power and self-powered sensor systems
  • Bluetooth/Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) other mobile wireless technologies
  • Wi-Fi connected appliances
  • Multiple electronics display technologies (LED, OLED)
  • Cloud data storage and analytics
  • Medical Life Science Diagnostic Systems
  • Lab on a Chip technologies
  • Server/client software for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • State of the arts components from Renesas, Microchip, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, etc.

Our wireless platforms reduce risk, development costs, and shorten development time to the market. If you are seeking a reliable partner to develop your cutting-edge wireless medical device solutions that improve safety, cost savings, efficiency and tracking needs, DeviceLab’s Wireless Medical Device Center is ready to help you every step of the way.

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