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iOS and Android Based Medical Devices

DeviceLab, a leader in the medical product engineering, design, and development industry and an Apple MFi licensee, has just announced new design capabilities. We have developed hardware and software which supports Android and Apple iOS mobile devices ( iPad, iPhone, and iPod). The new services include the development of wireless (Wifi, Bluetooth) accessories, dongles, and adapters for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. These new capabilities will prove we are leaders in the HW/SW mobile technology sector.

The medical device engineering and design industry is constantly striving to keep up with high- tech demands. DeviceLab is on the leading edge of these demands with the following developments:

Wireless – DeviceLab has unparalleled experience in wireless standards including Wifi, Bluetooth and expertise in networking server/client architecture.

We have created Linux/Android-based embedded systems that can process multimedia streams and also serve as “bridge” between Android/Apple iOS mobile devices and Home CE devices. These embedded systems have applications in various fields such as medical, home CE (consumer electronics, industrial automation, test and measurement. Contact DeviceLab for an immediate demo of our Android and Apple MFi-based products.

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