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Wireless Medical Device Technology

DeviceLab’s Wireless Medical Device Center has the state-of-the art mobile health technologies and leadership to get you on the fast track from concept to commercialization!

Our new proprietary SmartDevices platform is specifically optimized for the newest breeds of mobile medical solutions. It integrates countless wireless health technologies and solutions, including :

  • Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Bluetooth/Bluetooth low-energy (BLE)
  • iOS and Android mobility
  • Low-power wireless sensors
  • Wi-Fi and infrared
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Audio/video streaming over IP
  • Partnerships with Texas Instruments and Microchip Technology


These mobile health technologies have the potential to get even more from a spectrum of portable and wearable monitors, such as :

  • EKG
  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • Accelerometers
  • Magentometers
  • Force sensing
  • External input and output
  • UV index
  • Ambient light

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