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Patient Monitors & Advanced Medical Systems

Today’s medical devices are increasingly complex. Enormous computing power is being directed at medical tasks, and entire laboratories are being reduced to reside on a tiny hybrid chip. Minimally-invasive procedures using guidance from advanced diagnostic measures (e.g., LASIK) are becoming common, and technologies are being combined to better understand patient conditions (e.g. PET/CT). Such combinations improve the utility and performance of devices but add considerably to their complexity.

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Moving to the Point-of-Care

Another trend in medical equipment is downsizing and portability. Having compact instruments that can be carried or rolled to the patient saves time and effort transporting patients. Making a complex instrument portable or transportable (carts) presents a new set of safety and environmental challenges, but it’s something DeviceLab has done over and over.


Patient monitors are an area where DeviceLab excels. These are critical devices that must never fail in a challenging environment. Accurate, timely, and easy to interpret data is fundamental to patient care. We have integrated new sensing technologies for a variety of vital signs and biometric measurements such as visual acuity, ECG / EKG, SpO2, temperature, and respiration.

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Advanced Medical Systems

DeviceLab works in the world of complex Class II and Class III systems all the time. Our team is experienced in developing large instruments for a variety of medical specialties. We can handle all the details important for hospital equipment, including cabling, isolation, EMC/EMI, materials for disinfection, safety testing, and reliability engineering. We succeed in this area because of our expertise in systems engineering, industrial design, human factors, mechanical engineering, electronic, and software engineering. See our Portfolio page for examples of such projects. See our Services page for details on the software development capabilities of DeviceLab.


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