Tracpatch A Medical Device Developed By Devicelab Wins Best Wearable At Sensor Converge Expo 2021

TracPatch: a Medical Device Developed by DeviceLab Wins Best Wearable at Sensor Converge Expo 2021

TracPatch: a Medical Device Developed by DeviceLab Wins Best Wearable at Sensor Converge Expo 2021

Wearables are the go-to solution for people who want to closely track and manage their wellness. They can provide useful information such as tracking your temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen, respiration rate, location, bodily movement, and so much more, including your body’s electrical activity. This includes the activity of the heart, muscles, brain, and skin, among others. 

Wearables are changing the world of healthcare for the better and are making it more possible than ever to stay healthy. Chief among these industry and device leaders is TracPatch, a recent medical invention created by DeviceLab. TracPatch is so revolutionary that it recently took home the award for Best Wearable Sensor at the 2021 Converge Expo. 

Interestingly enough, DeviceLab and TracPatch initially sketched the idea on the back of a napkin at a trade show, only to later walk away with an award for this incredible concept. Outside of developing the app that accompanies TracPatch, DeviceLab handled the device from start to finish.

Who is DeviceLab? 

DeviceLab was founded in 1999 with the purpose of changing the face of medicine. They are a full-service medical device development and design company in Orange County, California. Their goal is to take the top, up-and-coming medical devices in the country and turn them into household names. In their brief 22 years of existence, DeviceLab has helped develop 16 Medical Carts, 22 Table-Top Instruments, 20 Hand Held Devices, and 9 Single-Use/Disposable Medical Devices. 

Their goal is to take your product from concept to reality as quickly and effectively as possible. They have a wide range of expertise and the resources, contacts, and vendors necessary to take an unknown medical device straight to the top. 

What is the TracPatch? 

The TracPatch knee monitoring system is the number one wearable on the planet, according to the 2021 Converge Expo. It is changing the world of orthopedic care and making it easier than ever for doctors to take care of their patients. It manages to integrate into any healthcare system seamlessly. It keeps providers up to date with real-time data and information as the patient wears the device. 

Best of all, TracPatch is non-invasive, easy to use, and syncs seamlessly with the TracPatch mobile app and the provider web portal. This allows your doctor to stay informed and updated on your health and well-being. It also allows them to make the most informed decisions about the comprehensive care that you need. Here are some of the top reasons why TracPatch should be utilized throughout the medical industry. 

  • TracPatch offers personal service and empowerment to patients through recovery and treatment of their injury. 
  • TracPatch is cost-effective, comprehensive, and is thought of very highly by patients and doctors alike. 
  • TracPatch is excellent at detecting adverse effects and conditions such as arthrofibrosis, infections, and so much more. 
  • TracPatch provides instant information and medical updates to doctors to monitor their patients. 

How Does TracPatch Work? 

While it may sound complicated, TracPatch is actually quite simple. Immediately after a patient undergoes a total knee replacement surgery, they have a TracPatch wearable device fitted to the outside of their leg. As they go throughout their day, the device records their motions, movements, and activity levels and provides it to your doctor as it’s happening. 

Through the TracPatch app, you can submit your pain levels and take photos of the surgical site to ensure it doesn’t get infected. If your medical provider sees anything to be worried about, they know about it instantaneously and can provide the help necessary to mitigate the risk. 

Where is TracPatch Now? 

Since it hit the market, TracPatch has been at the forefront of medical device development, specifically for orthopedic purposes. Surgeons, physical therapists, and medical professionals across the spectrum love TracPatch for its ability to help them keep their patients healthy. Its success eventually led to the founding of TracPatch Health Inc., which is dedicated solely to maintaining and improving the TracPatch device. 

DeviceLab Help Patients Achieve Wellness 

Revolutionary devices like this are what make tracking patients’ health easier. The data helps identify issues early, create better treatment plans, and help patients achieve better wellness. DeviceLab is excited to continue the journey of creating medical devices that change the world of medicine for the better. Contact us to learn more